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Terms and conditions of the rental offer

1. General conditions

Your car is rented in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and its delivery note . These are printed in the Rental Agreement that you will sign on the pick-up, on the back. Customers are asked to read the contract carefully and confirm that they agree with what is stipulated in it, by signing it. Customers must meet all required requirements, including age, form of payment, driving license (with at least one year of experience) and a valid identity card (ID or passport, Romanian or foreign).

2. What do the prices include?

All prices shown include unlimited mileage, RCA, toll and toll, VAT, delivery and delivery fee in the cities mentioned during business hours, car exchange in case of failure, winter tires in the cold season, and in some cases CDW.

3. Customer age

The minimum age required for most cars is 21. The customer must have a valid driving license at least one year old. Any other additional driver must meet the required minimum age and experience and must be notified before the date of picking up the car (additional fees apply for additional drivers at most suppliers). Some cars may have more restrictive age and license requirements (example: minimum age of 25 years and 2 years of license). In this case, they will appear detailed in the final section of the order note that is issued to you. Please let us know in advance if you want another person to be able to drive the car (because we need to prepare additional insurance for the second driver).

4. Reservations

Reservations will be confirmed on car groups . All photos are for presentation purposes. In certain cases due to exceptional situations (thefts, technical failures, extensions, accidents, damages, thefts, delays) as well as any other specialized agency we reserve the right to offer the customer a car from an identical or superior group, but at the confirmed price initially, so the price for the customer will remain the same. Please note that we cannot guarantee the color of the desired car.

5. Customer Conduct

If the customer insults the sales or delivery agents, treats them ironically, disrespectfully or with inappropriate language and / or attitude, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time regardless of its status. . For us, every client is very important and we want an honest, fair and transparent business environment.

6. Car availability

The cars are available in the cities mentioned in the footer of the site, but also in other cities, on request. If you want to return the car to another city, you will be charged a travel fee based on your location. In certain cases or periods, depending on the availability of the fleet in that city, a car may not be free, which is why we advise you to make your reservation as early as possible to lock the car for you.

If for various reasons (damage, accident, theft, delay, failure) the car cannot be offered, the rental agency reserves the right to propose another car or to cancel the request. If this car provided is refused by the customer upon delivery, the advance will be refunded. Especially for the comfort and safety of our customers, we reserve the right to reject an extension of a reservation or a change in the rental dates already agreed without additional explanations especially (but not only) if we believe it could interfere with other reservations.

7. Make the payment

Our company accepts the following credit, debit or ATM cards: Visa and Mastercard / Eurocard. You can opt (mandatory before booking confirmation because it only applies to certain cars from certain suppliers!) And for the cash payment that can be made in one of the following currencies: Euro or RON. At the time of booking confirmation, an advance will be paid depending on the value of the order, an advance that is deducted from the total amount paid upon delivery of the car. The receipt is issued on the spot after payment. The advance can be paid on the bank's website, by card, or by bank transfer. The customer pays in full, at the signing of the Contract, the rent (car and optional items), compulsory and optional insurance and any additional fees. If at the date of collection of the advance the car is NOT free, the advance will be returned. The existence of a debit or credit card for the payment of the advance is mandatory. We do not rent cars to customers who do not have a valid card, debit or credit written on their name when picking up the car.

8. General and tariff rules

Fuel is not included in the price and road fines are borne by the customer. The car is delivered clean and full and must be returned in the same condition, without accessories or missing fuel. By using this website you give us the right to use any messages, reservations, order notes, and to use / distribute them on a probative basis - including to the delivery teams of the airport operators who will have the order note printed so that you can honor the rental. CARPRO is a low cost car rental broker. Our offers are not valid during the peak periods of the season, during the period of Easter, August, and Christmas. During these periods, all the prices displayed on the site are usually updated.

Also due to the fact that the car rental market is very dynamic, in some cases we reserve the right to reject a rental application, if it is made much too long in advance. In general, we allow you to place a rental request no later than 5 months before the date of picking up the car. Also for the peak season (December and July / August), a completely different pricing policy applies.

To obtain a price offer for the desired period, fill in the request form for an offer. Prices may be subject to adjustment at any time. The displayed rates are valid for rentals starting on the current day. For example, if you want a car in 1 year, for Christmas, the price we offer you in response to the completed request may differ substantially from the current price.

The payment at vehicle delivery is done in RON by card. Conversion is done at Unicredit - Sales Rate (bank cashier section) + 1% at the rate displayed on

9. Guarantee

We also offer a car rental service without guarantee - upon request the rate is calculated by phone. Typically, this product varies depending on the chosen car and the desired rental period. These amounts can vary from car to car, and depending on the city, rental period, driver's history, fleet occupancy or insurer. You also have the option to rent with a returnable guarantee (lockable on the card during the rental or cash depending on the supplier and the car). We reserve the right to refuse a rental request without warranty. Some cars in suppliers' fleets may have different CDW or SCDW insurance quotas, depending on the car, insurer and supplier. SCDW quotas are calculated individually based on the rental period, city, or ACRISS class of the car. If you want this product to replace or void your warranty, please contact us.

The SCDW product must be paid by card. DEBIT cards are also accepted as long as they are nominal (the customer's name appears on the front of the card). If you have NOT opted for the SCDW product prior to the actual booking, we reserve the right not to add it later. The SCDW product excludes undeclared damage to the police (no insurance covers escape from the scene of the accident or misrepresentation), glazed surfaces, and lost accessories as well as any other cases listed in the rental agreement that you will sign when picking up the car. The SCDW product may have additional exclusions from the insurer or supplier. Upon request, depending on the desired car, we can provide you with the list of exclusions of this product or a copy of the contract that you will sign on the spot.

10. Delivery / return and off-hours operations

The amount of the car delivery and return fees is detailed on the car order note issued by our operators before the actual booking. As a general rule, we do not charge an additional fee for the delivery / return of the car to an address within the limits of the operating points, during business hours. Delivery / return of the car to a city other than the city of pick-up is charged, depending on the distance between the cities. A one-time fee of € 10 will be charged for pick-up / delivery between 07:00 and 09:00 & amp; 18: 00-22: 00 and a one-time fee of € 15 for the time interval 22: 00-07: 00. In some cases these fees may be ZERO-when they do not appear in the order note.

Exceptions to the general rule are cases where the car offered for rent is part of a special offer (or a special campaign of discounts, stockpiling, promotion of a supplier) - and delivery charges & amp; return may differ. However, they are always clearly detailed in the order note issued before booking, this summary including the full calculation of the payment amount. This calculation shall prevail over any written or verbal agreement or commercial offer.

11. Insurance

Cars are insured with RCA and generally with CDW. According to Article 7 you can also purchase the SCDW package - ZERO liability or insurance without deductible. SCDW insurance does not cover undeclared cases, and additional exclusions may apply to him (driver under the influence of alcohol, damage to the interior / spilled fluid, damage caused by driver ignorance such as driving on the rim, use of gasoline instead of diesel or vice versa and more). Accident insurance and theft insurance are valid only in Romania. Please note that in the unfortunate event of an accident, the nearest Police Circus must be notified immediately and a report or a Amicable Finding Form (model) a>. Without this report you will be responsible for the cost of repairing the vehicle. The insurance does not cover the customer's liability for damage to the company's vehicles in the following situations: damage to the inside or under the car, deliberate destruction or negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving the car by an unauthorized person.

12. Crossing borders

It is not allowed to cross the borders with the rented vehicles from this website unless an extension of the international policy is purchased separately. Different conditions, insurance and rates apply to international rentals. We reserve the right to refuse the international rental of a car.

13. Troubleshooting

In case of problems with the rented car, we will replace your car.

14. Cancellations and advances


advance=the amount paid in advance, at the time of booking and represents the fee related to the online reservation service . The service fee is the amount you must pay to the digitally identified digital reservation service provider in the advance link.

It includes, among others:

- Use of the digital platform and the software solution for booking confirmation and XML processing
- Information and support in case of changes or modifications that may occur in the booking processing or in the actual travel plans
- Advice and individual assistance of each client on the preferred payment methods, types of cars, taxes, engines, classes
- Mediation of discussions between the passenger, the car rental company and contesting the damages process
- Covers the costs of issuing the car booking voucher
- Assistance in situations such as: changing the period, the car.

The service fee (advance) applies to each customer for each booking voucher issued.

In the event of cancellation of the rental or reservation at your request, regardless of the reason given, the service fee (advance) charged at the time of booking is non-refundable . The service fee (advance) is non-refundable or refundable and cannot be reused. Service fees may vary from offer to offer. We reserve the right to decide what service charges apply at car / period / rental level depending on dynamic parameters such as occupancy rate.

Cancellation of the reservation at the client's request (unilaterally) or failure to present the car, leads to the loss of the advance paid.

15. Offerings

In some cases we can also offer the deployment service. Meaning that you will be able, for a fee, to pick up the car from city A and return it to city B. The cost consists of fuel plus a service charge, to which is added the cost of the train ticket between cities to recover the car. If you request this service, we will generate a total calculation. We reserve the right to refuse rental between certain cities.

16. Additional options

In some cases you can request the addition of additional options or services (additional driver, GPS, child seat, internet in the car). If you request these services, we will generate a total calculation. In the absence of this calculation, or if the accessories do not appear detailed on the order note as price and / or are not requested before the confirmation and / or the payment order note are issued, they will most likely not be able to be added. The standard policy will also apply if accessories are requested after the booking has already been confirmed and / or the deposit has already been paid. We reserve the right to refuse to supply an additional accessory, and we are also limited by their physical stock and their distribution in the territory.

17. Operator

This site is managed by BOOKING EXPERT s.r.o. with IČO04114965, from Růžová 972/1, Nové Město (Praha 1), 110 00 Praga - Cezch republic and it's subcontractors.

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