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Cluj-Napoca is the largest city and seat of Cluj county. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the Carpathian mountains, comprising population of German, Hungarian, Serbian and Hebrew origins. The city is an important cultural, economic and academic centre. It was the capital of Transylvania in the past, and its first documented mention was in 1167. In medieval times, the thriving city of Cluj was likened to the most powerful fortress-cities on the territory of Romania (Sibiu, Brasov, etc.). Currently, it is one of the leading cities of the country, with a population of 324,576, and one of the three major university centres in Romania, alongside Bucharest and Iasi.

Did you know that:

- Baba Novac, the famous soldier in the garrison of Michael the Brave, was trialed and burnt alive in Cluj?
- In the walls of St. Michael Church iron and stone cannon balls remained embedded during a 17th century Ottoman siege?
- Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, was born on the 23rd of February 1443 in a house in Cluj?
- In the year 1500 the majority of the population of Cluj was formed by Szeklers?
- The city is crossed by 10 rivers, the most important being Somesul Mic?
- Babes-Bolyai University was founded in 1581 and the teaching is currently made in four languages (Romanian, Hungarian, German and English)?

The city is located in the northeast of the Transylvania Depression. It is crossed by Somesul Mic river. The climate is temperate, with an annual average slightly lower than in the rest of the country, of 8.2° C due to the proximity to the Apuseni Mountains. Also, because of this, the precipitations are more abundant, reaching values of 650-700mm annually. The mild (but rich in snow) winters and the not to hot summers are the strong points of such a climate.

Like other historic cities of the country, Cluj boasts with an impressive old town. Like Brasov, Cluj managed to preserve its patrimony buildings along the communist period, so now the old town gathers ambitiously built facades or specific Szekler houses with places of worship belonging to various religions, and bars and cafes with modern designs.

In addition to the historical aspects that have left many traces in the architecture of the city, in Cluj you can find one of the most dense networks of museums (art, ethnography, history, paleontology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, etc.). For nature enthusiasts, the city offers a splendid Botanical Garden (14 hectares large, housing 10,000 species), the Vivarium (60 species of reptiles, fish, small mammals and birds), as well as numerous parks and green spaces.

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