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Constanta is the seat of the county with the same name, and the largest city located in the east of the country. In the past, on the site of the current city was a Greek colony (Tomis). The city is documented as early as the seventh century BC. Later the city was conquered by the Romans (71 BC), receiving the name Constantiana (the name that it keeps today) named after Emperor Constantine the Great's sister.

The period of the Roman occupation is the peak of the port city, due to the intense commercial activity carried out here. Falling under Ottoman rule, Constanta decades, becoming a small village whose inhabitants were engaged in fishing (the Greeks) or raising sheep and horses (the Tatars). Constanta will stagnate at this stage until 1865, when the construction of the railway to Cernavoda marks the rebirth of the city.

This is the biggest Romanian Black Sea port, the city being linked to Bucharest through the Sun Highway, which will be extended to Tulcea in the following years. Constanta has spectacular cliffs and soft sandy beaches.

Did you know that:

- Constanta has a dolphinarium, the only one on the territory of Romania?
- Constanta is the oldest city on the territory of Romania, being attested in 657 BC?
- Constanta is the largest port to the Black Sea, occupying the 4th position in Europe?
- On the territory of Constanta there is a casino built in 1909. Located right on the seafront this is one of the emblems of the city?

Constanta is located in the south-eastern Romania, in the Dobrogea region. The climate is temperate, with some particularities due to the proximity to the sea (higher humidity and the presence of breezes). The average annual temperature is around 11° C, and the precipitations are specific to a plain area.

Being located at the Black Sea, Constanta has a rich tourist infrastructure - an extensive hotel network, a gondola that connects the city to the tourist resort of Mamaia, countless pubs, restaurants and shops. Constanta is great city to visit during the summer, but not recommended in winter because of the low temperatures and cold air currents

The proximity to the tourist resorts on the Romanian coast from the town, makes Constanta a major transit point. With a car we can reach in a short time all the Romanian resorts, all the way to Vama Veche (the last Romanian Black Sea resort) on the border with Bulgaria.

Book ahead of time before it's too late. Depending on the occupancy of the fleet, cars rented for July and August can be up to 100% more expensive.

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