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Ploiesti is the largest city of Prahova County and its residence. The city is located only 60 km away from Bucharest, being an important transit town - roads linking the capital to Transylvania (DN1 and A3) and Moldova cross the city.

Ploiesti is positioned in the vicinity of the wine basin Dealu Mare - Valea Calugareasca, and the Prahova Valley tourist area (one of the most important in Romania), but it is also famous due to oil exploitation and the four refineries on its territory (it is called the Capital of the black gold).

There is little information about Ploiesti until the late 16th century. With the reign of Michael the Brave the city's history begins. In 1597 he will rise the city to the rank of royal fair by establishing a garrison on the current terittory. Since then, with royal support, the city will become an important urban center.

Did you know that:

- The world's first oil refinery was built in 1856 on the outskirts of Ploiesti?
- Poet Nichita Stanescu was born on the day of March 31, 1933 in Ploiesti?
- Leonard Doroftei, the well-knowned Romanian boxer was born in Ploiesti on the day of April 10, 1970?

The city is located in the center of Muntenia, in the subunit of the Romanian Plain with the same name, and it is crossed by Dâmbu river. The climate is temperate with an annual average of 10.5° C, similar to the national one. Due to the positioning in a plain area, annualy there are recorded about 15-20 cold days and 20-25 hot days, the rest of the year recording moderate temperatures.

Unfortunately Ploiesti lost much of its historical heritage, being affected by an incredible series of calamities: the flood of 1837 that destroyed the few buildings preserved from the 18th century in the old center, the 1843 fire that struck the new center, the earthquakes of 1940 and 1977 that destroyed old churches, in addition to houses and other buildings, and the bombing during the two wars (Ploiesti was strategically bombed, as the oil in the area fueled much of the war machine).

However, we can mention several buildings worth visiting in Ploiesti: St. John the Baptist Cathedral, The Royal Church and other churches, the White House, the Palace of Culture and Ion Luca Caragiale Memorial House. Also in Ploiesti there are the National Oil Museum, the Clock Museum, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Biology and the History Museum.

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